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Who is P.D. James anyways?

September 6, 2009


First of all for any of this to make any sense, I have to start out by explaining to you just how much of a visual person I am.  Many times throughout my childhood I would go with my gut-feeling & pick out books, movies, music & sometimes even food products all based covers. Many times I would find disappointment based on this hunch.

As an adult I often check out independent singly-owned bookstores hoping to find a rare gem, a story which might translate well into a screenplay or Children’s poetry. I love the fact that when you walk into a second-hand/independant bookstore you never know what you might end up walking away with.  I always have an ongoing list which I hope to find when  each time I go book shopping.

Now you ask yourself what does this have to do with this so called “P.D. James.?”

Upon a quick bit of researching I found out that P.D. james is famous author of many novels. She writes about crime/mystery & has recently been inducted into the International Crime Writing hall of Fame & because he book stood out in the pile I almost made an impulse purchase. I judged her book by her cover & could have walked away with a possible collectors item to some.  I find it interesting at the end of day how important marketing is when you consider why products sell.

Maybe in the near future I might purchase a P.D. James book after all.

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