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A band by the name of SecondHand

July 28, 2009

IMG_1168bum jump

I decided that it was finally about time that I post some band photography.Today’s post goes out to some friends of mine a Calgary band by the name of SecondHand. These pictures are some of the first concert photos I had ever shot so keep this in mind.

At the time we thought it would be hilarious to shoot a series which we entitled “bum jumping” where one of us would lie bare butt & while the rest of us ran & jumped over the person lying on the ground. I decided not to post them all online but I’m pretty sure you could find more through my facebook. There was most definitely some drinks involved in the decision making, thus this made for a good night.

If one of the band members or my good buddy Gabe reads this post feel free to expand on my “tellings.”

Anyways, I am planing to upload some more bands photos from here on in,  so hope to see more in the future.


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  1. July 28, 2009 11:12 AM

    top photo sweeeeet

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