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Chuck Taylors.. How many pairs do you own?

July 24, 2009

Whether its high or low top, a custom design, a limited edition or a knockoff Chuck Taylor’s are nifty, amazing & full of radness.

I’m pretty sure you, my audience has owned one possibly more pairs of Chuck Taylor shoes in your lifetime.  The Phenomenon known as Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars has been around for many, many, many…  years.

The first pair was released in 1917 & after I did a tiny bit of research I discovered that Chuck Taylor’s are the most successful slash popular retailed shoes in history. Rad.

My favourite thing about my orange and all-black Chuck’s is that when you put them on a magical feeling overtakes me. I love the feeling that no matter what you have on tap for your day, wearing a pair of Chuck’s will just make your day that much better. Your guaranteed to have a good day, you feel on top of the world & its worth spending that extra minute or two tying them up throughout the day. The coolest most bestest thing about Chuck’s is the many seasonal/endless limited editions plus colours/designs that are available that almost make you want to become a collector instantly.

Anyways, not wanting to drag on because I am pretty sure you have other more important things to do with your day, but if you have a second it would be great if you could comment briefly about a certain colour you have owned, post a photo or even tell a story if you have an extended amount of free time to share.

I’ll be sure to post a photo of my pairs for you in the near.


Photo 1 is John Poliquin glowing in green
Photo 2 is Tessa Browne rocking red

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