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What have you done with your patio furniture lately?

July 12, 2009

The Chairmen Showchairschairs falling

Another blog saluting the Edmonton International Street Performers festival 2009.  This act goes by the name of “chairmen show” featured two wild individuals who’s act centered upon wacky creations involving patio furniture.  They had to repeat several times to the audience not try this at home because not only was it dangerous it was also highly skilled (sarcastically speaking). In the first photo they are seen winging food into the streets of downtown Edmonton.   One of the performers kinda sounded like “Ren” from Ren & Stimpy.


Chairmen Show


Variety Artists

The Chairmen are James O’Shea and Bob Palmer, two obsessed individuals dedicated to exploring and expanding the world’s perception of those white
plastic backyard stacking resin patio chairs that are found everywhere on the planet. “A Chair-Raising Experience” is 45 minutes of chair related antics that will, ironically, get you out of your seats. (James and Bob made their first joint appearance at StreetFest 20 years ago…and Bob still has the t-shirt to prove it.)

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