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G-Sale @ Alberta Beach

June 22, 2009

g-salethe hey loft

There’s something to be said about a good Garage Sale (G-Sale).  While passing through Alberta Beach a small town just east of Edmonton Rachel & I had to take a moment to stop at this amazing G-SALE. I happened to spot a pair of mint green Chuck Taylor’s right off the bat and then happened to spot a View-Master.  The good news is that the people were friendly & quaint. The bad news was that the Chucks were size 8 and the view master wasn’t working properly.

I was a bit sad and decided to part without shooting any photos other then their rad sign with lured us to the sale in the first place.

Next, we happened to spot a store by the name of “The Hey Loft.” We stopped for a quick memory & then hit the road.  I must say Alberta Beach seemed beautiful & I hope to go back for a visit again in the near future.

I have been really sick  with a fever all last week haven’t been doing much or anything other then resting.  Since I didn’t release a Trends, Friends & Hype (TFH) on Friday.
I am planning on launching a new blog in the next 24 hrs. STAY TUNED.

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  1. June 23, 2009 8:53 AM

    I think you should have sucked it up and curled your toes into those size 8’s. Pain is beauty my friend.

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