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No Sparkle Magic This Victoria-Day

May 19, 2009

Blog May 19th 09

Alberta is all full of surprises.

For example,
I am used to the Ontario Victoria Day where you throw a fireworks gathering either at your own house or at a friends.

In St. Albert there is a law which bans an individual from participating in fireworks.
You can however still purchase fireworks from Costco or at Gas Stations but apparently you have to go illegally into the bushes to use them.


5. No person shall set off or fire any fire balls, squibs, fire crackers or fireworks in the Business
Section or in any Café, Store, Post Office, Hotel, Dance Hall or other Public Place, without
the permission of the owner thereof, and in case of the Street, the Town Council, or such
other person as may be delegated to give such authority to them. (Repealed by 65/72)

SCHEDULE “A”: It is hereby provided that a person may be allowed to pay to the Secretary-
Treasurer, a fixed sum of money in lieu of prosecution for a breach of the provisions of this
By-law, as noted in Schedule “A”, with fees set as contained therein for each infraction.
Whether or not a voluntary penalty will be allowed will be left to the judgement of the Police or
other Official handling the case.

Sections 4, 5, 6 $5.00 (Five Dollars)

Now with all said, apparently you are not allowed to participate in fireworks but if you pay a fixed sum of $5 bones after getting caught lighting fireworks off you receive a lieu of prosecution.

Silly Law, I think so.

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